Research projects

  • Facilitating Knowledge Management Initiatives for Improved Competitiveness in Small and Medium Enterprises in Construction
  • Capitalising on Organisational Knowledge Assets through E-business Initiatives in Construction Organisations
  • Capitalising on Human Resource Aspects of Knowledge Management for Performance Improvement in Construction Organisations.
  • Performance Management in the control of Healthcare Associated Infections in Facilities Management
  • Contribution of Knowledge and Change Management for Improved Organisational Competitiveness in Sustainable Urban Environment
  • Developing an Appropriate Methodology for Matching Project Knowledge with Project Requirements
  • Value Management – ‘A Link Between Project Value Management and Best Value in the Public Sector?’
  • Knowledge sharing in construction supply chains and its impact on innovation

Research Grants

  • KTP with B4Box Ltd. Technology Strategy Board, £124,153.00. Investigators: Charles Egbu and Peter McDermott (2013 – 2015)
  • Use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Management of Supply Chain and Product Information. RYM/VTT, £24,881.00. (2011). Investigator: A Kiviniemi and C Egbu.
  • Open Resources for Built Environment Education (ORBEE). Research Project for JISC- £245,345.00. (2010 – 2011). Investigators: A Williams; N Thurairajah ; C Egbu; M Arif ; R Haigh ; B McAdam; and C Fortune.
  • PMI2 – China UK Collaborative Partnerships in Employability and Entrepreneurship. British Council, £24,660.00. (November 2009). Investigators: G Aouad ;: J Wilson , N Smith;, C Andrew ;, X Li ; C Egbu; C Kalantaridis; and R Li-Hua.
  • Principal Investigator of a 6-month’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded transition (April – October 2005: £134.4K) project on “Knowledge mapping for Sustainable Urban Environment.
  • Principal Investigator of a one-year Scoping Study funded by EPSRC (2003 – 2004) on Knowledge Mapping and Bringing About Change for The Sustainable Urban Environment (£221,000).
  • Principal Investigator of a 2- year (2002 – 2004) UK government funded DTI/PII Bid on Knowledge Management of Sustainable Competitive Advantage (£398,000).
  • Co- Investigator of an 18 month (2003 – 2005) UK government funded DTI/PII study on “A Knowledge Management Approach for SME’s” (£200,000).
  • Co- Investigator of a 12 month Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC ) Study – (June 2003 – May 2004) “Knowledge Mapping and Bringing About Change for The Sustainable Urban Environment”.
      (1) To synergise GCal research capability to produce a unique research centre in Scotland.
      (2) To create distinctiveness through locally-relevant action research, and
      (3) to position the centre and its outputs internationally ready for Research Assessment Exercise -RAE 2008.
      (4) To focus the research on designing and managing sustainability solutions, which will
      (5) lever current GCal research consortium activity with EPSRC, and
      (6) yield cross-school applications to the ESRC and EPSRC, and
      (7) create IP that can be used to educate and secure the gap market for commercial research, CPD, P/G education and other knowledge transfer activities.
  • Co-investigator of a successful internal bid (£440,000) to set up a Centre – “Glasgow Sustainability Centre” This is initially funded for 3 years. The main objectives of the Centre are:
  • Principal Investigator for the EPSRC (GR/N01323 – £100,000) research on “The exploitation of IT for improved teamworking in design and construction teams”. (2000 – 2002).
  • Co-investigator on an Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Funded Study on “Avoiding Structural Collapse in Refurbishment: Decision Support System” (£56,000) ; 2003 – 2005, Prof. C. J. Anumba, Prof. C. Egbu & Prof. A. Gottfried
  • Co-investigator on an Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Funded Study on “Health & Safety in Refurbishment Involving Demolition and Structural Instability” ( £34,495): 2001 – 2002: Prof. C. J. Anumba, Dr C. Egbu, Engr. B. Marino & Prof. A. Gottfried